About us

The Pan-Africanism Working Group Munich promotes international understanding and is a forum
for social, cultural and intellectual interaction among people of African origin, the African Diaspora
and Germans and people of other nations as the case may be.

The working group’s interests include mutual & reciprocal integration, rapprochement and dialogue on an equal footing as well as inter-cultural exchange. The association campaigns against all forms of racism and discrimination and advocates for equal rights for all.

Through the regular events of the association which are meant for interested people of all origins, profound communication between different population and cultural groups is facilitated. An example is the Pan-Africanism congress which takes place biennially.

The central themes of Pan-Africanism, disseminated through enlightenment work, are self-esteem
as well as self-help for people of African origin. The enlightenment work is meant amongst others
to give people of African origin in Germany the opportunity to make apparent their social reality or
problems, which are due to a convergence of different cultures, thereby strengthening their ability
to integrate.

The association represents the interest of people of African origin through events,
consultations and support on integration, racism and discrimination issues.
Our members work on a voluntary basis.

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Board members:

Mr. Hamado Dipama (BF)

Mr. Uche Akpulu (NGA)

Ms. Dialiha Samake (CI)

Ms. Idowou Mamah (TG)


AK. Panafrikanismus München
Augsburger Strasse 13
80337 München

Tel: 0049 89 416 159 959

Email: sekretariat@panafrikanismusforum.net

Bank Details:
Account Name: Arbeitskreis Panafrikanismus München e.V.
Bank Name: GLS Bank
Bank Code: 430 609 67
Account No.: 820 263 7700