Statement of Pan-African Organizations in Germany

Related to the profanation of the grave of late Thomas Sankara, outstanding former Panafrican President of Burkina Faso, which happened on July 2nd, 2011.


Organizations involved in the Pan-African struggle in Germany have learnt with indignation and dismay that the grave of the late President of Burkina Faso, His Excellency Thomas Sankara, was profaned on 2nd of July, 2011, by Vandals.


This abuse means that even 24 years after his death on 15th of October, 1987, the illustrious Pan-African fighter, would never rest in peace. Beyond the act of vandalism, an unknown liquid was also poured on the grave.


This barbaric act goes against our African vision of the world and societies. That African vision prescribes that any deceased must be treated with great respect. The Profanation of the grave of this outstanding brother, who gave up his Life for a free and prosperous Africa, attests the deterioration of morals which is progressively gaining a foothold in the country.   


Considering this fact, the Pan-African Organizations in Germany join their voices together to vigorously condemn the inacceptable crime. Taking into account the guarantees given by the government of Burkina Faso concerning the security of the burial site of the former Head of State, the Organizations are calling on the government to:

  • Open a serious investigation within the next days in order to shed light on the circumstances of the ignoble act.
  • Identify, judge and duly sentence the abuser and their silent partners.


Acts of this kind are worsening the misfortunes of Africa which is already suffering.


Our Organizations reaffirm again their unfailing support to the family of Thomas Sankara and to the Initiatives which are struggling to seeing justice done to this dignified Son of Africa. The Pan-African Organizations in Germany share all the immeasurable burdens with the family and those sister Initiatives.


Written in Germany on 2nd of August, 2011.


The associations stated below have signed:


AK. Panafrikanismus München e.V.
Augsburger Str.13,80337 Munich, Germany

Pan-African Women's Empowerment and Liberation Organization
(PAWLO-Germany) e.V.
Postfach 60 10 54, 14410 Potsdam, Germany


Senegalesische Vereinigung im Lande Hessen e.V.

Im Weimel 12, 60439 Frankfurt



Postfach 2906, 37081 Göttingen, Germany.

Phoenix e.V. – Für eine Kultur der Verständigung

Büsackertr. 11; 47179 Duisburg.