Declaration 09

Final Declaration of the 2nd Pan-Africanism Congress Munich held on 24th October 2009

The 2nd Pan- Africanism Congress was held in Munich on the 24th of October 2009. High profile representatives of Pan-African organisations from Africa and the Diaspora as well as prominent personalities participated actively in the congress. Prominent personalities at the congress include J. J. Rawlings (Ex-president of Ghana), Madam Sankara (Widow of late Thomas, Ex-president of Burkina Faso), Aziz Fall (Groupe de Recherche et d'Initiative pour la Liberation de l'Afrique, Canada) and Bob Brown (All African People´s Revolutionary Party, USA) amongst others.

The following Declaration was compiled by The Pan-Afrikanism Working Group as one of the results of the congress:

  • In view of the declaration of the African Diaspora by the African Union (AU) as Africa’s 6th Region
  • In view of the immense natural resources and human potential of every African country
  • In view of the failure of the democratisation process, the rule of law and human and civil rights in most African countries
  • In view of the aftermath of Slavery, Colonialism and the enduring Neo-colonialism or so-called Globalisation

The congress demands:

1.    An auto-centric, Pan-Africanist Development
a)    An auto-centric development is predicated on African roots, culture and history
b)    Self-confidence and engagement by every African and the African Diaspora for the real liberation of Africa
c)    Readiness of the leadership to make sacrifices and avoid mutual betrayal
d)    Sovereignty of African countries as well as the renunciation of foreign military bases and the underdevelopment measures of international finance institutions
e)    Reorganisation of Institutions for an efficient separation of powers (Separation of Judiciary, Legislative and Executive)
f)    Adoption of a social market economy for a sustainable good governance
g)    Production and consumption in Africa
h)    Adoption of a single African currency
i)    The rejection by every African country of all unfair debts owed the World Bank, IMF etc.
j)    Denunciation of the buying of land by foreign firms and countries which precipitates land pollution, depletion and salinization
k)    Every African government assumes the responsibility of combating the problem of ethnicity and instituting an integrative political system

2. A reform of the educational system in African countries
a)    An Education that offers perspective and professional orientation 
b)    The visions and works of Africa’s historical personalities such as Kwame Nkrumah nust be taught in Schools and Universities
c)    All African countries should promote the development of indegenous languages
d)    The promotion of Swahili as the official language of the AU. Every AU Official should be able to read and write in Swahili (The long term goal is the integration of Swahili in the Educational system of every African country)

3. Political representation by the Diaspora
a.     Right of co-determination by the Diaspora in Africa’s politics
b.    Networking of Pan-African organisations worldwide and cooperation between Africa and the Diaspora

4. A correction of Africa’s history
a)    Analyses of the 1884 Berlin Africa-Conference in its historical context

5.    An integrative political system in all African countries

6.    The penalization of all political and economic crimes as well as human rights abuses

7.    A genuine and equitable assistance by development partners 

8.    That the German government and other European governments refrain from discrimination against Africans as well as stopping of the violent deportations of refugees (implementation of measures for refugee protection instead of measures for defence against refugees)

9.    Apology and Reparations for Africa in view of Slavery and Colonialism 

10.    The unification of the African Diaspora, regardless of origin, in order to revive and promote the Pan-Africanism movement and thereby improve the situation of all people of African origin

11.    That these Declarations towards a sustainable shaping of Africa’s future should be adhered to and implemented by the AU

Munich, 10th January 2010
The Organising Committee