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3rd Pan-Africanism Congress in München 

The 3rd Pan-Africanism congress will take place under the patronage of the Mayor of the City of Munich on the 28th and 29th October at the Goethe-Forum, Dachauer str. 122, in Munich.

In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of his killing, this year’s congress is dedicated to the memory of the first democratically elected Prime Minister of the Republic of Congo, Patrice E. Lumumba (1925-1961), whose son, Guy Patrice Lumumba, will be attending the congress as guest of honour. 

Pan-African organisations, initiatives and friends of Africa, including a representative of the African Union, will be coming together in October in Munich under the congress theme “Africa’s challenges” for the third time to exchange ideas about feasible ways and means of creating new perspectives for Africa.

Under the four topics

  • The Pan-African Renaissance
  • The case of Lumumba and the situation of the Democratic Republic of Congo

  • Migration and the so-called „Development Cooperation“ and

  • The African Diaspora and the African Union (AU)

We will discuss with representatives of the global Pan-African movement from Mali, Kongo, France, Great Britain, USA, Canada and Germany amongst others, the question where Africa stands 50 years after its independence:

  • What have the African countries achieved in the last 50 years?

  • What did not work and why?

  • What are the challenges ahead?

The Keynote address „The challenge of rethinking Africa and the prospects of reshaping it“ will be given by Dr. Aminata Traoré, social-psychologist, author and former culture & tourism minister of Mali.

According to Hamado Dipama, from the Pan-African Working Group, Munich, “If in the 21st Century, children still die of hunger in a continent full of riches and potential, and if on this same continent numerous civilian lives are lost through NATO military operations 'in the name of Democracy', then there is an urgent need to advocate for another Africa”.

Apart from lectures, the programme also includes workshops and film screenings such as the documentary film on Patrice Lumumba, „Murder in colonial style“, produced by Thomas Giefer who will also be present. The programme will be rounded off with art exhibitions by African artists and a cultural programme with traditional and contemporary African musicians including the Senegalese Political Hip-Hop star Didier Awadi.

Admission is free 

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On the website, there is a review of the congresses of 2007 and 2009 including Photo Galleries.

Please see below for the detailed preliminary programme of the 2011 congress.

We would be very pleased if you could report on the Pan-Africanism congress in Munich. We will provide you with printable graphical material upon request.

If you would like to attend the congress, please contact us till latest Monday, 24th October 2011:

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Programme overview:


Keynote address:

The challenge of rethinking Africa and the prospects of reshaping it!

Speaker: Dr. Aminata Traore, social-psychologist, author and former culture & tourism minister (Mali)

Sub-Topics and Speakers:


Block 1: The Pan-Africanism Renaissance!

  1. Prospects and challenges of the Pan-African renaissance. Speaker: Affiong L. Affiong, Executive Director of the Moyo Pan African Solidarity Centre, (Ghana & Great Britain). Speaker: Omar Mariko, Member of Parliament in Mali. 
  2. The Pan-African demands on the African Union for the next 50 years. Speaker: Jules Souleymane Diop (Senegal), Political Journalist & Columnist who lives in exile in Canada since 2004. 
  3. Foreign military intervention in Africa: problem or solution? Speaker: Bob Brown from the All African People’s Revolutionary Party, A-APRP, USA. 
  4. Pan-African and International Strategies for the 21st Century: Panafricentrage. Speaker: Aziz Salmone Fall (Senegal), Political scientist, Internationalist & founder of Groupe de recherche et d’ initiative pour la libération de l’Afrique (GRILA), who lives in Canada.


Block 2: The case of Lumumba and the situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

  1. Speaker: Guy Lumumba, son of Patrice E. Lumumba.

  2. Speaker: Philippe Yangala, doctoral candidate at the Institute for Ethnology, Goethe University Frankfurt


Block 3: Migration and Development Cooperation 

  1. International development cooperation with Africa: Quo vadis? Speaker: Aischa Halidou, doctoral candidate at the University of Bremen and HAW Hamburg. Guest Speaker: Odile Tobner, widow of Mongo Beti and President of the French association, Survie. 
  2. The Goethe Institute in Africa, balance sheet and prospects followed by discussion. Speaker: to be announced.
  3. Europe and Africa’s Flight Movements. Speaker: Uche Akpulu, co-founder, Pan-African Working Group Munich and member of the Foreigner’s Council of the City of Munich.



Block 4: The African Diaspora and the African Union (AU)

  1. Foreign Direct Investment in Africa: The Role of the Diaspora. Speaker: Sanou Mbaye, Senegalese economist and former senior manager at the African Development Bank. Lives in London.

  2. Prospects for Coordination and Integration of Africa’s 6th Region (Diaspora) in the AU. Speaker: Cheikh Niang, African Union (AU) representative in Brussels.




  1. Promotion of African languages and Pan-African educational system as well as common currency and passport. Moderation & Presentation: Lydie Seuleu. 
  2. Prospects for African and Afro-European children & youth in Europe. Opening speech: Dr. Pierrette Herzberger-Fofana, Councillor City of Erlangen, teacher at Ohm-Gymnasium Erlangen and associate lecturer at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg. Moderation: Modupe Laja and Mathilda Legitimus-Schleicher.


Film Screenings:

  1. Documentary film on P. Lumumba, „Murder in colonial style“, by director and author Thomas Giefer will be shown on main congress day followed by a Podium discussion with the director.

  2. Film on racist violence followed by a discussion with Mouctar Bah from the Initiative in Remembrance of Oury Jalloh.


Closing concert with Didier Awadi: Time and Venue will be announced shortly.

Venue of the closing party (Friday & Saturday evening): Dachauerstr. 36, München


Sponsored by: Cultural Department of the City of Munich

Cooperation partners: ABeZe (Afrikanische Begegnungzentrum e.V.), Ausländerbeirat der LH München, Petra Kelly Stiftung, Kurt Eisner Verein-Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung, Katholischer Fonds



The Pan-Africanism Working Group, Munich promotes international understanding and serves as a forum for social, cultural and intellectual interaction between people of African descent and the African Diaspora as well as Germans and people of other nations.

Our group is also interested in integration and inter-cultural exchange.

The association advocates for the abolition of racism and all forms of discrimination and for equal rights.

Through our regular activities, such as the Pan-Africanism congress in Munich, which is targeted at people of all origins, we enable profound communicative exchanges between different population groups.

The concept of Pan-Africanism has the self-esteem and self-help for people of African origin as central goals.